Parasites in humans - infection, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of

Statistical studies show that the highest rate of mortality of patients with vascular and heart disease. At the next level-are cancer patients, and in patients with cerebral hemorrhage. Parasitic diseases of Addiction, which is situated at the last level of the hierarchy. However, the tracking of the development of the above-mentioned diseases, has resulted in a clear view of the final step of this link.

Parasites in the body

The development of the parasitic diseases of the

The statistics, however, data from the world health organization, - confirmed — 85% of all of the diseases that blight lives in the human body of parasites, or a result of their metabolism. Occupied by the gastrointestinal tract; the major systems and organs. They are found in the brain, the mouth, the structures of the heart, and the kidneys, in the liver parenchyma and the subcutaneous layer. The representatives of this class of "the credo" as long as you can hold on to their manager.

As a result, they have developed a unique attachment system – a prehensile feet, is very strong and the camera on the palate, and of the special organs of the fascia (hooks, suckers).

Each of the parasitic species of the productive organs, which have a higher level of development. For example, the worm of Ancylostoma may be suspended for more than 20 of the thousands of eggs, round worm, roundworm of the family – 200 a thousand, one particular tapeworm is up to 5 million eggs. >The presence of a human being, a lot of them for a long period of time (sometimes years), it may pass unnoticed, provoking the course of various acute and chronic diseases. The representatives of the roundworms, they are able to:

  • the trigger for the development of bronchopulmonary diseases.
  • hit the the the the liver and the pancreas;
  • keep the urogenital system, the sinuses in the forehead, in the ear, lachrymal ducts and the channel of the nose;
  • it causes skin allergies and asthma.

The presence of Giardia causing a weakening of the body, and problems with digestion. Parasites caused by:

  • the development of the inflammatory articular diseases.
  • pathological changes in the joints;
  • to lose the bone tissue and the skeletal muscle;
  • cystitis, prostatitis and gynecological diseases.

This is the only part of the damages for some kinds of parasites. It is a proven fact that fat people are, you have to just love it. Has been in the body, "the representative can see a wide range of activities, be sure to invite your family", in which case:

  1. The body will lack the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients.
  2. It increases the probability of frequent to overcome the common cold.
  3. Which anti-cancer protection.
  4. Has the mechanical and reflex functions.

The modes of infection in both adults and children

Ways to break into a different, and very varied, whereas the larvae of the worms into the rest he can live in any environment. It doesn't have to be dirty hands. An increased risk of infection is present in the pet store.

They can be carriers of several parasitic species. For example, during breathing in, the dog is able to dissipate the infection by 5 ft. within the boundaries of the district, and three metres – tell. no no no no no. Ascaris eggs enter the human bodies with the help of dirty hands and can be spread by insects.

The modes of infection of the helminths

Every joke is a grain of truth, because of the parasites the infection often causes under-treatment of the meat or improper cooking, homemade bacon, which adds to our vegetable of the species Trichinella. Violations of the technology of the filing of a fish product, or the price of eggs, we are rewarded by the liver trematodes tapeworm or tape. An actively invasive form, can be attributed to the pollution of the ground and ponds open, by contact with which the invasion of helminth larvae in the layer of the mucosa or of the skin of the person.

Factor in the pollution are dust, water and man-made compounds (alcohol, phenol, detergent for dishes, which are to serve as a catalyst in the metabolic cycle of the acceleration and spread of many parasitic species.

In addition to this, the infection occurs in utero and at birth, when the mothers are present in the mouth. A child can be amazed by all the mucous surfaces of the body suffer, and your skin. Prior to the adoption of the six-month period from the child to the infection process, which covers the whole of the body. What you will receive:

  • exhaustion;
  • problems with the pancreas;
  • causes of type 2 diabetes;
  • of the neoplastic process, and other diseases.

The symptoms of parasites in humans

Parasitic development may be developed in any of the structure of tissues and organs in the body because of the symptoms of parasites in humans are very variable and depend on the location of the pest. The most densely populated with helminths of the digestive system. Pathogens of beef tapeworm infection (tapeworm of cattle and pigs), on the difillobotrioz (dwarf tapeworm), and ascariasis are localized in the upper area of the small intestine.

Just below that is the section they are tapeworms. The Habitat of the whipworm – colon, and the hepatic bile ducts of the course, and has been selected as a worm of opisthorchiasis. The Habitat of pinworms, the entire lumen of the large intestine and the lower part of the small intestine.

By the particular arrangement of the living space the most comfortable for the individual terms and conditions, it provides all of the excellent chance of survival. As he explains, the discovery of the body of one person is, the more parasitic species. Some of the signs of parasites in humans manifest:

  • adenomatous formation;
  • painful menstruation and painful urination;
  • inflammatory reaction in the ovary, and the adrenal glands;
  • hepatitis, and dermatitis.

The symptoms of parasites in humans that are similar to many of the symptoms of a variety of diseases, hinders the on time of the diagnosis.

15 symptoms of having parasites in your body:

The pain in the joints
  1. A few of the tombs – as a result of the abundant clusters of worms, overlying the intestinal lumen.
  2. Diarrhea as a result of the secretion of hormones, such as fermions protozoal parasites that cause an imbalance of chloride, and watery stools.
  3. The bloating is a result of the inflammatory reaction under the influence of fire, causing the gas and bloating.
  4. Gastrointestinal syndrome caused by failure of complete absorption of the lanolin (fat) as a result of the inflammatory reaction in the intestinal membranes, which is triggered by worms.
  5. The pain in the joints, and the skeletal muscle is the result of the settling of parasites in the synovitis and soft-tissue injuries to the joint tissues, or due to a reaction of the immune system in his parasitic presence.
  6. The term Allergy as a result of the increased secretion of protein by the body (immunoglobulin Ig E), in the form of an answer.
  7. Skin problems – eczema, and sores, rash, urticaria, and dermatitis, neoplastic processes.
  8. Anemia – due to the high localization of Trichomonas or other worms, which are fed by the formed elements of the blood, causing a greater loss of blood, and an imbalance of iron.
  9. Formation of granulomas in the gastrointestinal system, the peritoneum, and the cavity of the uterus, the tissue of the lungs, and the liver parenchyma.
  10. The increased irritability due to the irritation of the Central nervous system from the toxic substance from the worms.
  11. A night of insomnia – because of the itchy symptoms that are caused by emerging into the anal passage of helminths.
  12. Bruxism – the gnashing of the teeth as a result of the reaction in the CNS irritant – you have to.
  13. The symptoms of parasites in humans can cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by a deficiency of choline, protein, and vitamin a, a violation of their input.
  14. Failure of immune function, which leads to obesity, or excessive hunger, to the development of anorexia nervosa, cardiovascular disease and malignant diseases.
  15. Oncological diseases is due to lesions of the spine the structure of the mouth, and Trichomonas.
Seborrheic skin

The assumption of a possible invasion possible, and the external features of the person. As a rule of thumb, it is roughly the acne or seborrheic skin. It can be covered with blackheads, spots and freckles. Are premature wrinkles, baldness, growths papillomas, deep heel cracks, peeling and damage to the nail plate.

A new direction in the diagnosis

Until 1988, the detection of parasitic infections was conducted primarily by standard methods of the diagnostics – strip print of the anal or common clinical analysis, and the identification of the parasites, particularly the intestinal tract. Parasitic translations of the major organs are frequently discovered after the fact, after the transaction, or after the date of the patient.

A good example of that would be to help resolve this issue. The american doctor, of natural medicine by H. Clark, is the study of the body, has opened an emerging diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities in Parasitology.

Is designed to be a device that significantly extends the range of all possible electromagnetic nature of elements of the synchrometer. Its the frequency of the radiation, and it can be on-screen displayed with the target biological and endogenous toxins, microbial flora, drugs, tumor cells, and much more.

This was the beginning of the CHR information (frequency of resonance), and the treatment of the CHR in the products. The treatment of sam in the first place, Hilda can be found in our own bodies of a lot of surprises, the whole of the adjacent end of the, viral, and parasitic representatives, it is evident that it would not be possible any other way. And having tested a lot of friends, and brought them to a state of shock, which show the results for you.

In thousands of tests, the doctor of the X-Clark, confirmed that more than 88% of all chronic disease is caused by parasitic and the endoxin effect. On the basis of the human disease, it is the ignorant attitudes that are attracted to the body of the parasitic representatives.

Anemia, which are caused by parasites

A modern treatment of the parasites — the treatment of Bioresonance

Bioresonance therapy has been the most effective in the treatment of people from a variety of parasitic forms, regardless of the location, and at all stages of their development. Does not cause a negative impact on the patient.

The principle of the technique is due to the electro-magnetic operating device is, on the pitch and the frequencies of which are determined by the particular parasite. If it is detected, on the display screen of the device, which has a resonant response in the form of an amplified signal. The change of the indicators in the active life of the zone, which sets up the device. For the suppression of the activity of any of the parasitic forms it is not necessary to poison the body with antibiotics, or antihistamines, in addition to this, for many, is not safe.

To determine the frequency of parasitic metabolic activity, the vibration, the caution will be sent to the places of their localization. At the same time, the individual breaks the rhythm of the mouth, oppression of the vital functions. The effects of frequency therapy leads to a blocking of the system of the fermentation of a fire, disorder of the cellular respiration and metabolism processes. This significantly reduces the toxic property. The reduction of the biochemical properties of which causes the infringement of life-support processes of the worms. Now there is an easy and available target for phagocytosis, which leads to parasite death.