How to remove parasites from the body - best cleaning methods

how to remove parasites from the human body

Parasites are the largest population of living organisms on earth. They have so many variations that even modern science has a hard time naming their exact number. People treat them very differently. Some believe that everything in nature is balanced and that these beings have a right to life. Others, especially parasitologists, treat them as their name suggests - as pests that live and feed on someone else’s body.

The vital activity of parasites, be it helminths, microscopic organisms or insect larvae in the human body, leads to damage to internal organs. Over time, their normal function ceases and the parasite invasion spreads throughout the body, often leading to the death of a person. Therefore, most experts consider the problem of cleansing the body to be urgent.

Symptoms of a parasite invasion

Parasites in the human body may not manifest for long, but under favorable conditions they begin to multiply rapidly and affect the health of those infected. A person suffers not only from helminth samples themselves, but also from the toxins he emits as waste.

Determining the presence of intestinal worms or other parasites in the body is quite difficult in itself, so diagnoses should be made by a doctor based on blood, feces and urine tests and other tests. But you can suspect a parasite invasion by the following signs:

  • unreasonable irritability;
  • indigestion;
  • decreased appetite;
  • severe fatigue;
  • anemia.

Symptoms are not specific, they are typical of many other diseases. But if they are all stressed and a person was in potentially dangerous situations before their appearance (travel to tropical countries, contact with homeless animals, drinking water from uncontrolled sources), then the risk of parasitic infection is very high. Therefore, if more than one of the listed factors coincides, it is recommended to consult a doctor and test for the presence of parasites.

Medicated cleansing of the body from parasites

Medication should only be started after the test results have been received and the patient's medical history has been studied.

Because most antiparasitic drugs are toxic to the liver and kidneys, they should only be used under medical supervision. It is also necessary to select medications with medical assistance, taking into account the type of parasites and the general condition of the infected. What is suitable for releasing helminth samples in one case is useless in another.

The principle of action of antiparasitic drugs

The pharmacological effect of drugs on parasitic worms is directed at the biochemical processes and biological structures of their tissues. Usually, most of them have nerve effects, which are expressed in different ways:

  1. By blocking the passage of nerve impulses to the muscle cells of the helminths, resulting in a state of permanent paralysis. In this state, helminths are excreted in the feces.
  2. Impaired absorption of glucose in the cells of the parasite, leading to its death.
  3. Disruption of the intestinal tract of parasites.

There are combination drugs that disrupt intestinal processes in helminth cells and paralyze them.

How to properly clean the body of worms

The use of anthelmintics for other purposes (such as getting rid of other types of worms or for prophylactic purposes) or not taking doses can lead to serious complications.

  1. If you try to get rid of worms with not effective enough doses, the worms will not leave the body but will start migrating through it, infecting other previously intact organs and making the patient's condition more difficult.
  2. Purification from parasites by adding a sufficient anthelmintic may give a false impression of the effect (if the drug-suppressing effect is applied only to the eggs of the helminth egg, the tests show a negative result), but the parasitic activity does not stop.
  3. Overdose can increase the toxicity of anthelmintic drugs and cause additional liver or kidney problems from taking it.

Therefore, before you start cleansing the body of parasites, you need to go through a thorough examination and select the most appropriate medications.

Antiparasitic cleaning with drugs

medicines for cleaning the body of parasites

When a person finds out about the presence of parasites in their body, they usually experience a shock and strive to learn how to remove worms from the body as soon as possible. But there is only one thing you need to hurry up - see a doctor right away, do another test to clarify the type of helminthiasis and choose the right treatment regimen.

The fight against ascariasis, enterobiasis (pinworms) and other helminthiasis from roundworms requires the use of certain medications prescribed by a specialist.

Treat Enterobiasis

The fight against pinworms, the infection of which is called enterobiasis, requires special attention.

These parasites can climb out of the anus at night and release large amounts of microscopic eggs outside the human body.

This allows their eggs to get on the sleeping person's underwear and hands during involuntary scratching, especially under the nails. And then they can spread all over the house, settling in dust on upholstered furniture, curtains, walls, door handles and children’s toys. They retain their viability for years and can cause infection in many people. Therefore, special precautions should be taken in the house where the person infected with pinworms lives:

  • Anti-parasitic cleansing of the body should be performed for all family members and people from the immediate environment.
  • Thorough wet cleaning is required every day. First, dust the floor and furniture with a vacuum cleaner, and then wash the floor with soap (this is more effective at cleaning worms than household chemicals, it even contains chlorine).
  • After cleaning, wash your hands with soap.
  • Underwear and bedding should be washed with the hottest water possible and ironed.
  • Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water before using the toilet and eating.
  • Cut your child’s nails short, sleep them in tight-fitting panties or pajamas that need to be washed every day.

Cleansing the body of parasites at home

Often, people infected with helminths are interested in the question of whether to get rid of parasites quickly at home and how to remove parasites from the human body at home.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of many folk remedies that promise the rapid destruction of parasites has not yet been scientifically researched, although many drugs that remove parasites use natural ingredients — herbs.

Recommended recipes for decoctions or herbal infusions may contain sufficient or excessive amounts of active ingredient, so their use alone is extremely dangerous and can lead to the complications described above. A physician should be consulted to determine the dose and duration of such treatment.

How to cleanse the body - treatment principles

Complete anthelmintic cleansing of the body should be based on the following principles:

  1. Destroys helminths with an anthelmintic.
  2. Remove dead or paralyzed parasites from the intestines with laxatives or cleansing enema.
  3. To avoid allergic reactions, an antihistamine should be taken during cleansing.
  4. In severe cases, with damage to the internal organs, restorative therapy is required (such as taking liver protection products in case of liver damage). It is also necessary to clean up toxins and toxins from the activities of parasites.
  5. To normalize the functioning of the whole body, a complete and balanced diet must be followed, which excludes foods that damage the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract.

Top Ways to Get Rid of Parasites

It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor about contraindications before cleaning the body against parasites. Patients often show individual intolerance to certain folk remedies.

  1. Many people consider the simplest but effective way to use spicy foods - garlic, onion, mustard, pepper. Despite the apparent acceptability of the method, it is dangerous to clean it with this method - large quantities of burning food can damage the intestinal mucosa.
  2. There is a version of the benefits of dry fasting - they are said to be deprived of food, with worms literally leaving the body on the third or fifth day. But this is a misconception: for example, tapeworms are able to live outside for months without food, content with fragments of their own bodies. It is enough for their viability that their heads and necks survive and the rest of the body is "edible" and recoverable again. They are not sensitive to starvation and the development of parasites or cysts in the blood, eyes, brain and spinal cord of the person, in the urogenital system, in the heart or in these organs.
  3. Purification with soda or hydrogen peroxide, actively promoted as a technique by a renowned professor, is one of the few methods that deserves attention but requires medical monitoring of patient well-being. Both methods involve a gradual increase in dosage from the minimum initial dose to the maximum allowed: soda - from the tip of a teaspoon to 1 teaspoon, hydrogen peroxide - 1 drop in 3% solution diluted in 50 ml of mineral or distilled water for 30 drops per day for 3 weeks. But the course must be prescribed by the attending physician. The technique is ineffective against eggs and larvae of parasites as well as some species of adults.

To get rid of the problem quickly, don’t risk extreme methods of cleansing and look for ways to destroy unwanted guests in your body. Such zeal can end not only with the destruction of helminths, but also with the destruction of internal organs, which are not designed for the compulsive therapy of tansy, wormwood, and other herbs.

Advocates of natural treatment can consult a doctor on how to get rid of parasites with natural medicines cleaned of toxic contaminants.