How to get rid of the parasites in the human body of folk remedies

Parasitic infection may be the cause of many other diseases the cause of serious consequences. That is the reason why a great deal of attention needs to be paid to prevention. A Folk remedy for parasites on the health of the familyAfter a mild injury to the very helpful folk of a medium life by the parasites in the body, which, as the least contra-indications in the side effects of such medication.

Tested recipes in the recommendations on how to heal from parasites folk remedies to the media in the article as presented.

The adverse effects of the modes of infection of

Helminths represent more than 250 different species, some of which do not undergo a complete maturation cycle of the human body, but that its presence may cause considerable damage to the body. Parasites the power To use the [spirits of the craft], the mineral in the organic matter that they come not to us with the food.

In addition to this, a surplus of parasites in the body can be triggered by the blockage of the main channel may cause a life-threatening. Waste products of helminths can induce an allergic reaction occurs, the result is also not a poison. Not applicable for mechanical damage to the internal organs, whereas the larvae of the adult, and thus in the interior of our body, is literally gnawing his way out.

The default state of things is no more to be normal, you should, by all means, please try to avoid cross infection. It is important to identify the main methods of contact with the larvae in the eggs of helminths in the human body.

How do you get it you have to:

  1. Is the the most common way is through dirty hands. During the day, when you are hundreds of the beginning of the various items on the streets, in the retail trade transportation and. If you do not maintain an adequate level of hygiene, an infection is inevitable is going to happen.
  2. Incorrect processing of the meat in the rib also can be the result not infection with different helminth species. All of the products are required to undergo an adequate heat treatment. Also, when cooking, it is important that you follow the full rules of the technology, in a doubtful restaurant, in the plants, it's best to avoid it.
  3. The fruit, the vegetables may also be the larvae of the parasite. Many species of helminthes makes it grow in the soil, in the human body to come into direct contact or with the involvement of the product.
  4. Stray into domesticated animals often carry parasites. Some of them are so common to the people, and for the other we become the only intermediate host.
  5. Contaminated water is often the cause of infection. The water resources of the [spirits of the craft], they need to be cooked, without the use of raw materials. In addition to this, a parasitic infection that can lead to a swim, especially in closed water (ponds and lakes).

Often a source of pride, not an infection, due to the reasons outside of our control. This is a visit to the public places, eating meals of questionable quality in food plants, as well as the contact information of a person or an animal.

It is particularly difficult to protect from the infection of the children, because they children are very active, exploring the world, visiting a group of children on the platform, with a level of health that you can't control it.

Also, children are much more likely to disobey the rules of hygiene, so even the best care in a loving parent often had to deal with the consequences of the invasions. Use of pharmaceutical drugs is not always a good idea, therefore, it is worthwhile to study traditional methods of pest control. Thus, less of the toxic done in the body, so it is widely used for the prevention of these diseases.

The symptoms of a parasitic infection

The majority of people are not even aware of, is that "the hood", but when you have to do will be to have an effect. The main symptoms occur in the acute in-phase, especially with infection with a variety of flat parasites. In addition to this, the symptoms are is a large number of worms in the body, when their activity is a real threat to the people.

Cheerleaders of both of the following symptoms:

You should be careful

According to statistics, more than 1 billion people who are infected with the parasites. You may not even suspect that became a victim of the parasites.

For the determination of the presence of parasites in the body of the easy-to-one-symptom - an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Ask a loved one or the smell of it is out of your mouth in the morning (in front of the base, you brush your teeth). If the answer is Yes, then there is a 99% chance that you are infected with the parasites.

The infection may cause nervousness, fatigue, sudden mood swings, in the future, they began a more serious condition.

In men, the parasite causes: prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, sand, the stone in the kidney into the bladder.

For women: pain in the inflammation of the ovaries. The development of fibroids, fibroids, fibrocystic mastopathy, inflammation of the adrenal gland, bladder, in the kidneys. It is also the heart of the cancer.

I just want to warn you that there is no need to run to the pharmacy in to buy expensive medications, according to pharmacists, can cause corrosion of the [spirits of the craft] parasites. The majority of the medication as very inefficient and, moreover, to cause a lot of harm to your body.

The choice between a salad and a cake

What do I need to do?

  • A change in dietary habits. Parasites don't respond well to spicy in a sour dish, but the sweetness of them, a real treat. A person who may have incurred the craving for flour in cakes, the weight of the but it does not change or, on the contrary, the leaves of the.
  • The discomfort in the stomach. You can hurt various parts of the abdomen, the chest, the whole area below the shoulder blades. Thus, the Pain of a typical well in a variety of ways. In addition, the symptoms of a dysbiosis in the disorders of the digestive system. Most of the patients complain of a weakness in the approach to the mud, and sometimes to the closure of nearly all the time -- heartburn, belching the flatulence.
  • The deterioration of the General condition of the. The presence of even small amounts of parasites in the body, still some of the a natural in the causes of psychological problems. Quickly get tired of the People don't feel fresh, it also good at the rest. In addition to this, you can show a sign of conduct disorders, sleep disorders, lack of appetite, nervousness.
  • The condition of the skin, in the hair, you can also identify the presence of helminthes. The nutrients, which is so necessary in the making of our bodies, which come in a low volume, so that the hair is dull in the life of a free, your nails are constantly broken down, the skin will become in the future. By the way, the frequent occurrence of rash may indicate the presence of parasites in the human body.
  • The weakening of the immune system. The parasite survival, it brings severe stress to the body, primarily affect the body's immune system. Would the common cold in the long-term recovery, it can be a sign of parasitic infection.
  • Many worms lay their eggs around the anus. That is the reason why it may cause itching in this area, especially aggravated at night.
For the detection of the presence of a fire, it may be possible, with the laboratory text. This files most often looks into the stool sample, even though it is one of the most uninformative research. The more accurate the result will be to put the scraping on enterobiasis, but just to share the presence of a certain species of parasites.

Now, more and more, the chief of the blood to a special reagent antibodies, the development, which is causing the uninvited guests in our body. Such an analyse may be carried out by the adults, the kids, the disadvantage is the high price, the need for treatment in a private hospital. The definition of the exact form of the "enemy," you may find it easier to choose a method that is able to cure parasites folk remedies of the media.

The Folk medium of the parasites in the body of the

Such a prescription shall be based on the characteristics of certain natural substances. Most often, it is an herbal antiseptic that helps you not only to expel worms from the body, but also bring toxic substances into your business.

The ideal situation would be to clean the body from the home of parasites in the should be carried out after a medical consultation, in the examination, determines the type of helminth. In such cases, the treatment will be effective in it, Coriander seed from parasitesthe basic rules to prevent infection, it will be a reliable protection against a variety of insect pests.

How to expel parasites from the body of folk remedies of the media:

  • Taken three times a day, crushed seeds of coriander powder. Mix half a teaspoon, be sure to wash the spice down with plenty of water. After three days of treatment, the charge can be the result. In some cases, the intake of coriander continues for seven days.
  • A medium onion is broken needs to be suitable for each and every method for you to use. After that, she poured a cup of boiling water. It is necessary to insist, is not less than 10 hours, after which strain into a drink-a half a Cup a day . the infusion, so that use of the four days for effective results.
  • Proven folk remedy parasites — pumpkin seeds. The substance, which is covered in a dark lupine, during the core in the outer layer is a strong paralyzing effect on the worms. For prevention, you can use a simple raw seeds on your own according to your taste. For a treat, you have to eat 50 grams every day, on an empty stomach (hereinafter referred to as the well as the to refuse food, in the drink), The pine broth from the parasitesfor in two hours to take a laxative. The course of treatment it takes to do a complete deliverance from the parasites.
  • The popular medication against parasites is very often used of the decoction the pine cones. How to cook, it's not all that easy, but that's natural in an effective solution. If it is necessary to boil the cones to slow the young people of the fire, and we're continually adding water to remove the foam from the surface. Or, After five to six hours of boiling, the mixture is filtered, add the sugar to the simmer for about an hour. In this syrup, have a drink, and two tablespoons on an empty stomach. The treatment lasts one week, and can be used for prevention.
  • The purification of the parasites, the home of the watermelon seed. For both grinded in the blender into the mixture with the milk and the 10 parts of the liquid part of the semen). Drink a glass a day in the roasted of the stomach.
  • The wood ash produced by the burning of lime is also a great folk remedy for humans parasites in the human body. The production of the tools is to mix a teaspoon of natural honey in a half — reduced to ash. To eat each and every day in the morning in the evening in the milk.
  • This herbal tea is from the leaves of the wild strawberry will help to even the parasites in the struggle against the centre. Drink it every day, but not more than two consecutive weeks, in order not to lower the efficiency.
  • Helps the regular consumption of onion is in the garlic. You can use it To clean the fresh juice of garlic (5 drops daily), but only to the extent that there is no contra-indications.
  • The fresh pomegranate peel, you can boil in the strain of a (50 ml in 400 grams of water). Take half a Cup of it every day. The carrot seed from the parasitesHours of 4 after ingestion drink a laxative. During this period, it is better not to eat it in the drink, so that it is working in a reliable manner.
  • Split cloves (5 grams per Cup of boiled water) to a boil in a charge. The strained decoction, take a teaspoon three times a day.
  • A tablespoon of ginger root powder to insist in a glass of boiling water. They are divided in three doses per day.
  • Cut up the carrot seeds (1-3 grams), three times a day, ban, drink plenty of fluids.
It is very helpful to regularly eat foods with a sour taste to it. It will also help in cleaning the body of parasites in your home. It may be a lemon, the strawberries, and the fruit and sour cabbage in fresh juices.

Prevention helps to avoid serious infection is in the know, also to destroy parasites. Prior to the use of these products, however, it is necessary to eliminate the risk of any contra-indications, as such, the board is not suitable for young children, pregnant women, in patients with diseases of the stomach, in the liver.

The prevention of the infection

In spite of the fact that you can protect yourself from becoming infected with an absolute guarantee is impossible, you can reduce the risk to a minimum. It Is sufficient to consider the simple guidelines in a timely manner is a must to inspect in the st. the beginning of a chronic disease.

Methods of prevention:

  1. In order to maintain a high level of hygiene in the learning of the kids from his childhood, to wash the area several times, the arms of the day, especially before eating, don't use other people's personal items, toys, clothes.
  2. Handle all the products of the observation required by the rules of the cook. The modern appliances will allow you to organize the space in the refrigerator, in the kitchen, in such way that it would be best to minimize the contact of food in pre-prepared meals.
  3. The preventive measures, the treatment of the parasites of the media folks for all the family in the pet store.
  4. Do not use water in a product of dubious quality, eating at questionable establishments.
  5. At the time of purchase of meat in the rib, require of the time of execution.

Make the parasites out of the body of the media folk are not so easy, especially if there is an infection, an acute leak. In some cases, these problems require medical monitoring in a hospital environment, so, there will be self-led threat to health and even life of the patient.

With a relatively light perfect the pathology of parasites folk media. Those On the side of the cooking — safety in the performance, however, it is necessary to know how to get rid of parasites in your home properly. The characteristics of such a treatment, as well as the tried and tested recipes, are described in this section.